It’s a big mystery that it’s time to solve: why is the iPhone X not called iPhone 9?

4, 5, 6, 7, 8… Until now, we had counted well. The production of iPhone followed pure and simple logic, the model number followed the previous one. Kind of like Rocky, Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4, and Rocky 5. You get the diagram. Suddenly: it’s the drama. After the iPhone 8, we expected in all serenity to see the arrival of the new iPhone 9. But now, life is often full of surprises. And it is with amazement that the American firm at the apple revealed the iPhone X, brazenly skipping a number in the scheme of things. Why such a choice ? Is this a cursed number in the United States? Did Steve Jobs have a rough year when he was 9? Couldn’t the attendant on behalf of Apple count or is Tim Cook an absolute fan of xylophone nursery rhymes?

What does the iPhone X refer to?

The first question to be answered is to know what this famous X refers to. You are probably not unaware that this character symbolizes the 10 in Roman numeral. So far, we had therefore not been wrong. There was an 8, a 10, but not a 9. Why did Apple want to honor the ten before the hour? Don’t panic, there is an explanation.

It will not have escaped you, but the iPhone X was unveiled in 2017. A year, in itself, is nothing special. Except that it comes ten years after the release of the very first iPhone, which was sold in 2007. You begin, little by little, to put the pieces together: Apple has chosen the number 10, not to signify a new generation of smartphone, but to celebrate a very special decade.

This is not a first for Apple

You might have forgotten it, but this isn’t the first time the apple brand has given us such a hit. Back in 2007, precisely, when Apple released its first smartphone. It does not have a number at the end of its title, but it is unofficially the iPhone 1. Faced with success, 1 year later, a new model is about to smash the market. IPhone 2? Never mind: the iPhone 3G, followed shortly after by the 3GS. Why, then ? Quite simply because it was their first smartphone compatible with 3G networks. From the start, it was agreed that the firm would not hesitate to skip numbers whenever they wanted.

In the end, will there be an iPhone 9 or not?

If for the moment we have answered most of your questions, there is still one unanswered: will the firm make up for its odds and finally release an iPhone 9? At the moment, this is not planned. Because according to a rumor, the next model planned is the iPhone XI. Yes, 11, still in Roman numerals.

The information would have leaked at CES 2019, in January, in Las Vegas. Apple was not officially present there. But a reporter reveals on Twitter that a new model is in the works and will be released in September 2019. And the information that interests us most is its sweet potential future name: iPhone XI. You can still dream about it, you won’t have your iPhone 9.

It seems that this entry into a new decade for the smartphone is a new era in Roman numerals. It only remains to hope that for its 20th anniversary, the firm finally releases an iPhone 2 and does justice to this shamefully neglected number. And if we follow this logic, we will probably have to wait until 2097 to see the iPhone 9 appear …

In the meantime, Apple’s brand new iPhone (which is neither an iPhone 2 nor an iPhone 9), iPhone SE, is available for pre-order on the SFR website from one euro only.