If many don't think about it at first glance, there is another battle between Microsoft and Sony in the race for the next-gen. After the power, the design of the console, the price, the games, there is the duel: Battery controller and battery controller. For many years, notably with the arrival of the PS3 in 2007, Sony has chosen controllers with built-in rechargeable batteries. On the Microsoft side, since 2005 and the Xbox 360, the battery-operated controller format has been used. Faced with this rather surprising choice, Microsoft is trying to justify itself.

Xbox Series X: Batteries still batteries and always batteries

New Xbox Series X Controller

© Microsoft

It was one of the complaints (and maybe even the only flaw) of the very good pads of the Xbox One, and it will already be a fault of the controller of the Xbox Series X. again, and Despite many requests from players, the controller will operate on two AA batteries rather than offering built-in batteries as is the case on the DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers of the PS3 and PS4. To justify themselves, Microsoft simply announces that there are still and always players who prefer battery-powered controllers. How the latter would even be a majority! This is what Jason Ronald, the partner director of program management at Xbox explains to us in an interview with our friends from Digital Foundry.

In the end, when we talk to players, there is a fairly large camp that prefers AA batteries. So you have to be flexible to please both groups of people … You can still use a rechargeable battery and it works exactly like the Elite but it is separate.

Jason Ronald (partner director of program management at Xbox)

So it’s official, for the third consecutive generation, the Xbox Series X controllers will run on batteries. It will then be necessary to invest in battery kits on different resellers to replace the batteries and avoid this recurring purchase. As a reminder, the Xbox Series X is expected for the holiday season.

Sony and the PlayStation 5 are also expected for the holiday season. And the power system for the new controller is still unknown.