25,418,674 players were simultaneously connected on Steam this Sunday. This is a new record for the platform which erases the previous one dating from this Saturday: 25,415,080. This result can in part be explained by the winter sales which still attract many users. So the discounts on Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, Phasmophobia, and Red Dead Redemption II have likely attracted a sizeable following. The year 2020 has been complicated for many companies, but Valve has finally been able to take advantage of the unprecedented boom in the gaming industry over the past twelve months.

New tools to meet user expectations

Moreover, in March 2020, Steam passed the bar of 20 million players connected simultaneously. In this difficult period when everyone is often forced to stay at home, gamers have turned to great classics. So, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive then accumulated 1,024,845 simultaneous players. Games like Dota 2 and PUBG were not left out either with 701,632 and 515,050 players connected simultaneously.

Thereafter, Steam brought some welcome features to the users. For example, we were telling you about this new interactive game recommendation system. The AI, which uses machine learning, offers you titles that you might like based on your shopping habits and views, but also the practices of people with similar tastes. The opportunity to unearth some nuggets that you might have missed. We realized then that the advice was quite relevant and had allowed us to discover games that were not yet on our wishlist.

Last May, the platform also rolled out a new tool that suggests titles from your library that might interest you based on your habits.