A developer program on Stadia

Launched in November 2019, Google Stadia continues to gradually refine its ecosystem, with technical improvements on the one hand, but also the firm will on the part of Google to offer exclusive games. For this, the American firm has already developed various studios, including one in Playa Vista in California, which will be directed by Shannon Studstill, ex-director of the Sony Santa Monica studios, at the origin notably of the God of War saga. on PlayStation.

Today, the American giant is launching a brand new program: Stadia Makers. This is intended for (many) independent studios, who would like to take advantage of assistance (signed by Google) to develop their future creations. For this, Google promises technical assistance, the provision of five development kits (depending on the structure of the studio) and a financial contribution.

Fishing for "junk" games

Google explains: " The development kits will be deployed to a small number of developers from summer 2019. And if you wish to register for the Stadia partnership program, be sure to refer to the specific link available below on the request form . The games must be developed through Unity 2019.3 (or higher) and be available in 2020 or 2021.

For Google, the objective is obviously to be able to offer, rather quickly if possible, a selection of games " indies", The latter being particularly popular with players. The Nintendo Switch has many independent games, for example, but this is also the case with Microsoft and Sony, not to mention Steam, of course.

Recall that Google recently announced the upcoming arrival of a brand new exclusive game, produced by Splash Damage. A studio that probably tells you nothing, since the latter specializes in the co-development of online games (notably with Activision and id Software), but which will therefore soon offer a game that will be available only on Stadia.