Renalut megane Estate 4

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Renault is investing all its energy in the development of its new electric range and will probably have to stop the production of one of its former stars, the Renault Mégane.

Its replacement by a hypothetical fifth generation was expected around 2023, but nothing is less certain for the moment, as long as the manufacturer does not specify the contours of its future range, composed of thermal, hybrid but above all electric vehicles.

The Mégane, the first victim of the future Renault electric range

With sales falling sharply, from more than 460,000 copies in Europe in 2010 to less than 210,000 in 2019, the Megane could be removed from the range of the French manufacturer.

In any case, this is what the director of the “Style” of the diamond brand, Laurens van den Acker, understands during an interview with the magazine. Auto Express : " The Mégane is in an increasingly pressurized segment. You have to put your money where the future of the market is "

The sedan, born in 1995 to replace the Renault 19, has since come in two to four different body types depending on the generation, in order to cover a large customer demand ranging from the sedan to the station wagon, passing through the convertible and the sedan saloon.

The light facelift and the plug-in hybrid version, to come this year, will give him some respite, but which will surely be short-lived.

Renault Talisman

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An upcoming redesign of the range in favor of electric models

The Mégane will surely not be the only one sacrificed on the altar of the new electric range that Renault is actively preparing. Laurens Van den Acker also clearly expressed it to Auto Express : " Inevitably, once we start adding an electric vehicle offering to our lineup, some of the other vehicles will have to leave, because we just can't afford to develop it all at the same time "

Thus, the Scenic and Grand Scenic ranges will be replaced by the future Kadjar and Grand Kadjar. The iconic Renault Espace will also bow out as well as the Tallisman, victim of the next major economy plan that the manufacturer should announce next May.

The disappearance of part of the current Renault range will therefore give way on the one hand to compact thermal or hybrid vehicles, and on the other hand to a new electric range ranging from small SUVs to high-end vehicles.

Source: Motor1