A video game to raise public awareness about a global environmental threat. This is the goal of the United Nations (UN) through its new Reset Earth mobile game available on iOS and Android. The plot is based on the film of the same name launched on the occasion of World Education Day. It aims to inform about the need to protect the ozone layer.

UN wants to capitalize on growing popularity of video games

Through this game, the organization primarily targets young people from Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2010) but also gamers of all ages. In a statement, Megumi Seki, the executive secretary of the ozone secretariat attached to the United Nations environment program, clarified this communication strategy:

On a daily basis, an impressive number of children and young adults play games and interact online around the world. On that basis alone, it made sense to develop educational and informational resources that might appeal to gamers. By making them interesting and engaging, we hope to raise awareness among Generation Z and stimulate the debate on protecting the ozone layer.

There is an urgent need to make citizens think about such a subject. The Montreal Protocol signed in 1985 set off the movement to reduce the hole in the ozone layer. However, if everything goes as planned, it will still be necessary to wait until 2060 before it is completely closed. It is therefore up to the new generation to continue this initiative.

Remember that the United Nations is not at its first attempt in video games. Last March, we told you about the Mission 1.5 campaign initiated by the international organization. The goal was to survey the world’s population through a series of adventures that put gamers in the shoes of a decision maker. The goal is clear: you need to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius.