Certainly, things are starting to move on Microsoft’s side. After all, Phil Spencer has promised a hot summer with some impatience about E3. Obviously, the boss of Xbox will have great things to announce from this event and throughout the summer … But also, in the fall?

Microsoft and Nintendo, an announcement for the fall?

Xbox Nintendo

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In recent years, Microsoft and Nintendo have gotten better and better together and have given way to great collaborations. The first Xbox games have also arrived on the Switch (with the two Ori and CupHead). According to new rumors, this agreement could be extended as early as next fall.

Already at the origin of the rumor on the discussions between Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid, Death Stranding) and XboxVentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb also says Microsoft is in negotiations with Nintendo for new projects. The man announces that all of the things that were visible behind Phil Spencer’s back when Microsoft spoke are about things to come. Including the Nintendo Switch.

But the VentureBeat reporter isn’t the only one to confirm this rumor. Xbox Era insider and co-founder Shpeshal_Ed seems to agree on Twitter.

It seems that the fuse has been sold when it comes to Nintendo and Xbox. You will learn more in the fall.

The possibilities are great regarding this collaboration. Microsoft could launch its famous Xbox Game Pass service on the Switch (with the help of the Cloud for the most demanding games). The Switch could also be compatible with XCloud technology.

Finally, the precision of Shpeshal_Ed around autumn may be of concern. Many rumors evoke the arrival of the Switch Pro for the end of the year 2021. In 2019, Nintendo had chosen the month of September and the beginning of autumn to launch its Switch Lite.

Could this collaboration directly concern Nintendo’s new machine? So many questions that will remain unanswered, at least for the moment.