“The biggest launch in Xbox history”. This is how Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, sums up the first days of his new Xbox Series X and S. If the more powerful model has been widely acclaimed (as evidenced by the outages in the first hours of marketing), the two consoles seem to have met their audience. On Twitter, Phil Spencer says:

Thank you for supporting the biggest launch in Xbox history. In 24 hours, more new consoles were sold, in more countries, than ever before. We are working with retailers to restock as quickly as possible.

But don’t wait for official figures. Xbox boss believes number of consoles sold is not the most important, even though the Xbox Series X and S do better than Sony’s PS5s. He tells the Guardian:

I know it sounds manipulative and I apologize for it, but I don’t want my team to focus on console sales. The most important result of all our work is how many players we see and how often we play them. This is the engine of Xbox.

Microsoft wants more studios, but will take its time

A good console is good, good games are better. Microsoft has understood this (even if no next-gen game accompanies the Series X and S when they are released) by launching the Game Pass but above all by implementing a studio buyout strategy. The latest, the historic acquisition of ZniMax Media, which has 8 studios including Bethesda that we no longer present.

Good news for the players, Phil Spencer intends to continue this dynamic. Microsoft will continue to invest in game publishing studios. He explains :

Gamers need games. We have set up these platforms and services to bring the best games to players all over the world and we need a lot of teams. Bethesda is almost doubling the size of our proprietary studios, and we’re always on the lookout for additional teams. It is important for us to have a continuous supply of great games for our platforms and subscriptions.

However, there is no question of throwing money down the drain. Redemptions will be considered. Phil Spencer responds to Bloomberg rumors about the acquisition of several Japanese studios:

You know, most of the opportunities that we took were long-standing relationships. We are not just handing out business cards. I talked about my affinity for Japanese studios and thought back to the time when we had more exclusives developed in Japan.

Elden Ring, the next game from FromSoftware developed by Miyazaki, is arguably one of the most anticipated games. Phil Spencer says he played it and ensures that “It is clearly his most ambitious game”. We can’t wait to learn more.