Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios today announced an exclusive partnership with Chinese giant Tencent, and its Timi Studios division. For the record, the latter is at the origin of many bestsellers on the mobile video game market, including Honor of Kings or Call of Duty Mobile.

Xbox gets closer to Timi Studios (Tencent)

For Microsoft, like Nintendo a few years ago, the sights seem to be set in the direction of mobile video games. A partnership with Tencent would allow Xbox to fully launch into this new market, and this could happen quickly to believe the message published by the Chinese studio, which mentions “a strategic and in-depth partnership“.

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According to the statement released by Timi Studios: “Through this strategic cooperation, Tianmei Studio Group will conduct multidimensional and deep cooperation and communication with Xbox Game Studios, to together create great game content and bring a whole new sensory gaming experience to the majority of gamers.

Remember that Microsoft already has a foothold in the mobile market, with its xCloud offer, now available to everyone, via Game Pass Ultimate. However, the American giant could dream bigger, with the possibility of declining its home licenses on iOS and Android, in order to reach a fairly gigantic panel of players.

After all, when we see the scores of Nintendo’s mobile division, or those of licenses like Call of Duty or Fornite, everything is there to encourage the video game giants to try their luck on mobile. It remains to be seen now what the fruit of this Xbox / Tencent collaboration will be, but it’s a safe bet that one of Microsoft’s many licenses will very soon be adapted to the mobile sauce. The bets are open !