While Sony has just announced that additional stock will arrive in stores between November and December for the PlayStation 5, Microsoft does not appear to be in the same situation.

Tim Stuart, chief financial officer of Microsoft, has just announced to Seeking Alpha that the lack of stock is not expected to change, and this shortage will last until 2021. Mr. Stuart estimates that during the first quarter of 2021 the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be hard to find, but things should improve as early as the second quarter.

How to justify such a situation?

It looks like Microsoft just can’t do better. Tim Stuart explains during the interview that the production plants are running at full speed, and despite this, the Redmond firm is unable to meet demand. The question everyone is asking is: will it be possible to put an Xbox Series X or S under the tree this year? At Presse Citron we cannot decide.

It will be possible yes, but not for everyone, and the task will be very complicated. As you can see below in our comparison table to buy an Xbox Series S, the console is only available on Amazon, Cdiscount and from the Fnac Darty group. Regarding the delivery time, Amazon promises a delivery date by the end of November, while Cdiscount mentions December 11. On the Fnac side, as at Darty, it seems that there is stock. Some Fnac stores like the one in Puy-en-Velay, Montélimar, Issoire, and others, even have the console on the shelves. To get the Xbox Series S quickly, it seems like you should go to smaller cities.

As for its big sister, the Xbox Series X, the situation is even more critical. Our comparator for buy the Xbox Series X at the best price, indicates that the console is not available in any store or reseller. This year of next-gen seems to have exceeded the forecasts of Microsoft which notes in passing the best launch for a new console.