The new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been available in stores for almost two weeks now. New generation consoles that play the card of continuity, with an identical interface, very advanced backward compatibility, and a ” news ┬╗Controller also very similar to that of the Xbox One generation.

Next-gen controllers soon to be iOS compatible

In this regard, it will soon be possible to use the new Xbox controller on our iOS devices. Indeed, Apple has confirmed working with Microsoft to be able to offer an update soon which will therefore allow you to enjoy Apple Arcade games (among others) with the Microsoft controller.

DualSense PS5 controller


On the side of Apple, we explain: ” Microsoft and Apple are working together to bring Xbox Series X controller compatibility to customers in a future update. The future iOS update could thus allow users to pair their Xbox controller to their iPhone and / or their iPad. Note that the support of the DualSense, the controller of the PS5, is also in the pipes.

This is not the first time that Apple and Microsoft have collaborated, as the two groups have also worked on iOS support for the Xbox Elite 2 controllers and the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It remains to be seen when the iOS update will allow the native use of our new gamepads.

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