The price of the Xbox Series X … based on that of the PS5?

A few days ago, Microsoft proposed a new Inside Xbox meeting, during which the American giant unveiled various game trailers signed by third-party publishers. If the future console of Microsoft is still expected by the end of the year, we still do not know the date of availability, or even the price of this new Xbox. According to some rumors, Microsoft is waiting to see how things are going on the competitive side…

Indeed, some still remember Microsoft's misstep in June 2013 at E3, when the American giant proudly announced its Xbox One at 499 dollars. The following day, Sony replied with a PS4 launched at " only »399 dollars. A blow for Microsoft, which intends not to repeat the same error with its new console.

Xbox Series X Controller Batteries

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The Xbox Series X 100 dollars cheaper than the PS5?

Thus, according to Michael Pachter and Peter Moore, Microsoft would have the idea to wait until Sony does not draw the price of its PS5, to formalize that of the Xbox Series X. The goal for Microsoft would then be to offer a lower price (from 100 dollars?) To that of the future PS5. According to some rumors, Sony could display its PS5 at 499 dollars, while Microsoft would launch its Xbox Series X at 399 dollars.

Right now, in the race for " next gen", And despite a first hiccup with the recent Inside Xbox, Microsoft seems to have the lead over Sony. The Japanese giant indeed retains an impressive silence around its PS5, and only the controller, the DualSense, has been formalized by Sony. Obviously, Sony being very largely leader on this generation, the Japanese group is less eager (than Microsoft) to turn the page PS4, without counting the fact that Sony still has some nice cartridges for its PS4, with The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima.

We will have to wait a few more weeks (months?) Before knowing everything about the launch of the new Xbox Series X and PS5 which, as in 2013, should be launched at the same period. It remains to be seen now which console will attract the favors of the players …