In a few hours now, you may be able to unbox your long-awaited Xbox Series X (or Xbox Series S), a next-gen console whose full review is already available on Citrus Squeezer. If we were generally very seduced by the design of the Xbox Series X, by its SSD and its silence, the Microsoft console does not yet really have any games. next-gen“.

The Medium postponed to 2021

Thus, in the absence of Halo Infinite, the next-gen Xbox players were watching with a more than informed eye a certain The Medium, signed Bloober Team. Indeed, the title was presented by Microsoft a few months ago, and its gameplay duality, allowing to evolve both in the real world, and in the spirit world, has attracted more than one player. A time hoped for in the line-up, the game was finally dated December 10, on Xbox and on PC.

The Medium Delay

However, Bloober Team wanted to confirm, via Twitter, that the game was finally postponed to 2021, to January 28 to be precise. In his message, the developers explain that the game is delayed because of the coronavirus on the one hand, but also because of a not very favorable calendar, since December 10 will also release a certain Cyberpunk 2077, a particularly awaited title (and particularly delayed too).

The Polish studio Bloober Team obviously promises to deliver a game both polished as ever, and particularly innovative in the horror genre. Remember that the game will be offered on the Microsoft Store, but that it will also be integrated from its launch into the Xbox Game Pass offer. Appointment is made at the end of January therefore, to taste this The Medium experience on Xbox Series X.

Let us recall in passing that our complete test of the other Xbox, the small Series S, is also available at this address.