More than ever, car manufacturers and technology companies have very strong ties. While Apple has been working for years on an electric car project, we learned a few weeks ago of a rapprochement between the Cupertino company and Nissan. In addition, the Volkswagen group for its part formalized a partnership with Microsoft in order to accelerate its research concerning autonomous driving. Amazon is not the type to be left behind and also has a partnership with Daimler Trucks to facilitate the development of autonomous vehicles.

Today, a new tech giant is expected to enter the automotive sector very soon. It is not an American company, since this giant is none other than Xiaomi, a Chinese company specializing in mobile telephony and various other fields. According to Reuters, the Chinese manufacturer would be close to adding a new string to its bow by producing electric vehicles under the Xiaomi brand. In its report, Reuters says it relies on three anonymous sources very close to the project in question.

Xiaomi is expected to make an announcement in the coming days

However, while Xiaomi has many factories to assemble its smartphones and other products like its electric scooters, the company is in no way equipped to produce electric cars. According to the British magazine, Xiaomi could take advantage of the factory of Great Wall Motor based in Hebei Province. Reuters believes that the partnership between Xiaomi and Great Wall Motor should be formalized as early as next week.

Currently, Xiaomi is the third-largest smartphone maker in the world, despite the US blacklisting the company in January. We recently learned why Xiaomi was blacklisted, it would be largely the fault of its CEO. The latter would have received from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies, the prize of “The exceptional entrepreneur of the socialism system with Chinese characteristics”, thing that is wrong with the US government.