"Real" video games aboard Tesla vehicles!

Playing video games on the Tesla's on-screen display is not new in itself, but the promise made by the Rainway app is very different. Indeed, it is not a question here of playing games cut for the touch screen of the car, but of " true »PC games, via the magic of streaming.

It’s via Twitter that the CEO of Rainway confirmed the good news, namely the availability of an application that allows access to a game streaming service, and which is now Tesla compatible. As always, to operate, it is imperative that the vehicle is stationary.

Rainway is free to download, and Tesla owners only have to visit the site play.rainway.com using their vehicle's browser to retrieve the precious software. Then just plug in a controller (like an Xbox One controller for example), before enjoying the most popular gaming platforms. According to Andrew Sampson, it is entirely possible to launch games like Crysis, Nier Automata, Doom or even Halo. Obviously, the quality displayed on the screen depends on the quality of the network connection.

Recall that Rainway allows players to run Windows 10 games, and to play streaming on other devices, via a network connection. The application supports platforms such as Steam, EA Origin, UPlay, Epic Games Store, etc. The application thus makes it possible to stream a game on iOS, on Android, on Mac, on a Smart TV, on Linux, in a web browser … And also aboard a Tesla.