Little by little, Google is improving its Stadia cloud gaming offer. When it was launched in 2019, it was only possible to play on Pixel brand smartphones. But since this year, the platform is also officially available on some Samsung models (such as the Galaxy S10 or S20), OnePlus models (OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 8), as well as ASUS ROG and Razer models.

And the good news is that starting this week, even if your Android smartphone is not on the official list of supported models, you can still try to play. This was just announced by the Stadia team in a blog post. "You can now choose to play games on Stadia with any Android phone that can install the Stadia app, including phones that are not currently on our list of officially supported phones. Although this feature is still in development and not all phones work perfectly, you can now try Stadia and play your favorite games on more screens than ever before ", we read. To try Stadia on a smartphone that is not officially supported, you have to install the app, then go to the settings, press "Tests", then activate "Play on this device". Google warns, however, that the experience will vary depending on the device.

Stadia's offer becomes more interesting

And in addition to allowing players to try the platform on smartphones that are not officially supported, Google also offers touch controls for those who don't have a controller. To use these touch controls, just open a game without a controller, then accept when the application offers to try these new controls. For the moment, this is a first version, and Google is still planning improvements.

Thanks to these two new features, Stadia should be available for more people. And at the same time, Google is also improving the catalog of video games. Stadia plans to add 120 games this year, including exclusives that will only be available on the cloud gaming platform.