To everyone’s surprise, Konami has decided to whistle the kick off of PES 2022. Indeed, the Japanese publisher announces an open beta for “his new football experience“, With availability on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The other good news is that this essay is available… today!

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How about playing PES 2022 right now?

Indeed, from today Thursday June 24 and until July 8, it is possible to participate in the free beta of this new PES. Note that on the respective PlayStation and Xbox stores, the game is not referenced as PES, but as “New Football Game – Online Performance Test“. For Konami, it would therefore be essentially testing certain online features and other details, which could be integrated into the next PES.

The sole purpose of the test is to check the quality of the online matchmaking and the connection to the servers. Please note that every aspect of the game including gameplay mechanics, animations and graphics are under development. They have already been improved and will continue to be improved before the official launch.“, Konami insists.

Still, this trial period allows the player to take control of Manchester United, FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich or Juventus Turin. The latter is then invited to face another player, to gauge the performance of the game, but also to allow Konami to collect valuable feedback.

Remember that for very (too) long years now, Konami has struggled to compete with the juggernaut FIFA which, despite ever more disparaged opuses, continues to truster the best sales each year. A new PES 2022 which will also abandon the Fox Engine game engine to return to a more Unreal Engine “traditional“. It remains to be seen now when this new eFootball PES 2022 will be available, but it’s a safe bet that it will tumble between September and October.