At the very end of last year, a copy of the excellent Super Mario Bros 3 on NES was sold at the exorbitant price of 132,000 euros. The starting price, then set at 53,000 euros, was quickly gone. Remember that this was a first edition cartridge in blister and sealed (never opened), enough to thrill more than a retrogaming enthusiast.

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Super Mario Bros stronger … than Super Mario Bros

At the beginning of April, Heritage Auctions, already at work on the Super Mario Bros 3 mentioned above, has put on sale a copy of Super Mario Bros. first of the name, still on NES. A copy in perfect condition again, since the game was still in the original blister pack. Everything had been perfectly protected in a specific shell.


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This is one of the first versions of Super Mario Bros sold in the United States (there were more than a dozen in total), which was the 1986 Christmas present from its owner. A game that has never been unboxed, and that has gone through more than four decades before being put back on sale.

Suffice to say that this new sale literally unleashed passions, since this copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for the (record!) Price of 660,000 dollars! For the record, the seller was able to get the net sum of $ 550,000. “As soon as this cartridge reached us we knew the market would find it as amazing as we do.”, Explained Valarie McLeckie, in charge of sales.

Further proof of the retrogaming craze (even madness) which has been exploding for a few years now. Today, it has become impossible to get hold of certain licenses of yesteryear (The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania …), without having to pay hundreds of euros depending on the titles, but also (and above all!) of their condition (presence of the box, the instructions, etc.). And like everywhere, there are also some serious abuses here, of course …