While some are still looking for THE best Smart TV to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the PS5 and Xbox Series X, on the Microsoft side, we have just made official a range of screens “Designed for Xbox“. Thus, in addition to certain accessories which already benefit from this same badge, it is therefore monitors who will be able to benefit from this “Seal of Quality”Xbox way.

“Designed for Xbox” screens at Philips, Asus and Acer

Indeed, Microsoft has forged a partnership with various manufacturers, which will therefore offer screens that promise to offer a gaming experience worthy of the name, thanks in particular to their HDMI 2.1 connection. This will be the case with the Philips Momentum 55 ″, which supports 4K resolution at 120 fps, with the added bonus of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, HDR, and a “xbox mode”Dedicated. The latter was “validBy Microsoft, and will launch this summer at $ 1,599.

The same goes for Asus, with a 43 ″ screen here, again 4K @ 120 fps and AMD FreeSync Pro compatible, not to mention the precious HDR and an Xbox mode. The latter will be launched in October, priced at $ 1,399. Finally, Microsoft has also teamed up with Acer for a 28 ″ Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor. The latter uses the characteristics of the other two screens (DisplayHDR 400 instead of DisplayHDR 1000), with a response time of 1 ms. A monitor that will be available soon for less than $ 1000.

For gamers, this is obviously an opportunity to get their hands on monitors equipped with the precious HDMI 2.1 connection, but also on screens that are fully compatible with the Xbox Series, unlike some Smart TVs that ignore some features (the 120 fps in particular). Microsoft has already promised to offer other screens “Designed for Xbox” In the coming months.

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