Since last November, some lucky ones can take advantage of the “next-gen“, With a PS5 or an Xbox Series X, or both for the well-heeled. Consoles that allow you to enjoy the games of the previous generation in a “boosted” version, some exclusive games (but not necessarily “next gen“) But also many multimedia functions.

YouTube now in HDR on Xbox consoles

Netflix, Spotify, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video… everyone obviously responded to the call for new generation consoles at the end of last year. This is also the case of the inevitable YouTube, available on PS5 as on Xbox Series X | S. A YouTube which however was not really “full”Until now, since the latter did not offer an HDR function.

YouTube logo

An absence now corrected, since an update allows the application to display the precious HDR on compatible videos… via the new Microsoft consoles. Indeed, at present, the YouTube application of the PS5 does not allow to display a video in HDR. A fact all the more astonishing that this same function is indeed available… on PS4 (since 2019).

Obviously, to enjoy an HDR video via YouTube, you will not only need a compatible Smart TV, but also a certain speed. In this regard, to know your flow, but also to display a lot of information about the video being broadcast, YouTube provides a tool called “Stats for nerds“, Which is used to display on the screen the frames, the resolution, the bitrate, the codec (and in particular the PQ REC.2020 / VP9-2 for HDR)…

To conclude, it should be noted that the HDR update from YouTube also concerns the old Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X from Microsoft. Thanks to its overpower, the Xbox Series X is able to render video in HDR, and in 4K.