Last October 7 we echoed the integration of Spotify with Siri, a movement that allows users to play songs in a fairly comfortable way (if we have activated the 'Hey Siri' it is not even necessary to physically touch the phone).

About 20 days later, YouTube Music follows in the footsteps of its competitor, and is that with the new version of the application comes the integration with Siri, being able to ask that assistant to play songs for us.

"On YouTube Music," the tag to use

Youtube music

Siri has never been known for being the most natural assistant, so you have to tell things quite clearly. In this case, the voice command we used to make the playback work has been "Hey Siri, play X artist on YouTube Music". If we do not specify the service we want you to use, will search for the song or artist in the Apple Music library.

You need to give Siri access permissions so you can play our songs using voice commands

To activate this function, you only have to execute this voice command for the first time. Siri will tell us that, to do this, you will need to access our data on YouTube Music. If we agree (if we are not, we will not be able to use the service), we will click on 'Yes', and we can talk to Siri to play songs here.

This integration too allows these commands to work with Carplay, so, if our car is compatible, we can start using it. It is important to keep in mind that these changes come with YouTube Music 3.39, and not via server, so it is necessary to have the application updated in order to use voice commands. Similarly, it is necessary to be updated to iOS 13.