If Fortnite has a pretty clear stance on cheating, it would seem that not everyone has the message. Recently, YouTubeur and professional player FaZe Jarvis paid for it.

In a video dated Nov. 3, the 17-year-old said Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, made the decision to ban her for life. As he explains, he actually used an aimbot, a cheat software that improves his aim in the game, so to be better.

Zero tolerance for the Fortnite player

FaZe Jarvis has been making videos on Fortnite for two years and competing in several competitions. He adds that he never used the cheat system during the latter and that his act was clumsy. The YouTubeur states that he had never imagined being able to be the victim of such sanctions.

Except that Epic Games has a zero cheating tolerance, so Fortnite's studio does not seem ready to go back on its decision. The company states that " When players use magnets or other technologies that provide an advantage, they ruin the game of those who play fairly ". Recall that these rules indicate that any violation " may result in an action against your account up to a permanent ban ".

Several players from the Fortnite community defended the professional player, including the famous Ninja streamer. Many protested about the possibility of temporary rather than permanent banishment. Despite everything, Epic Games does not seem to bend.

In his video, FaZe Jarvis apologizes for his choice, adding that these two years spent creating content on the subject for YouTube have been the two best years of his life.